~1/2 Pint = Small

~Pint = Medium

~Quart = Large


 Any Scent and color(s) can be custom ordered!!!


Scents Available

~Pina Colada                   Beach Linen         Lemongrass

~Coconut Cream~         Beach Bum            Wisteria

~Coconut Orange ~       Lemon                     Surf Tan

~Coconut Lime~             Vanilla                     Hot Buns

~Coffee~                            Beach Bonfire      Driftwood
~Coconut Craze~           Sunshine               Rose

~Beach Linen~                Mojito                      Grapefruit

~ Lavender                       Sugar cookie        Hot Apple Pie

 Pumpkin Souffle          Frangipani             Siesta Oasis




Benefits to soy candles

~ Easy to clean with warm soapy water ~Environmental Friendly~Non-Toxic~Longer Lasting over Traditional Paraffin Wax Candles~Cleaner burning with little to NO snoot~ Enjoy the crackle sounds made by the natural wood wicks.



  Vinsoy Candles  ™  LLC